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Navigate Your Transition

with More Calm and Clarity

Hello, I'm           

I help others navigate emotionally charged transitions with more calm and clarity and create a harmonious, vibrant, and fulfilling new life. 

I have been serving thousands of people through 15 years of offering life guidance, teaching holistic wellness and mindfulness, and leading retreats. I'm a Certified Professional Coach. My guidance approach is based on the Whole Person Coaching, the method recognized by the International Coach Federation, the leading authority in the global coaching field.

Sari (name transparent)
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Passing of a loved one

Job loss



Midlife Challenge

Are you struggling with a transition?

Staying busy to avoid emotional pain? Just relying on positive thinking?

Let me show you a better way to overcome your tough transition.


Life Transition Guidance Program

Like a lotus, you can grow in the mud of heavy emotions, rise above the water of uncertainty, and bloom into the light of a new beginning.

Here is your opportunity to survive the most challenging phase of transition, thrive through the difficult time, and shift from the transition to transformation to become the person you want to be.


Survive Transition

1-month course


Thrive in a Challenging Time

2-month course


Transform Yourself

3-month course

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When my long-term relationship ended, my life completely upended. Sari helped me navigate all of the changes I was going through and come up with a strategy for rebuilding my life. She gave me the support and tools I needed, and I was able to experience progress in my journey each week. Thanks to Sari, I work in a job that I love, and I am surrounded by loving friends today."

Anna Less

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Life Transition Retreat

Explore your transition during a private silent retreat at our sanctuary in the Texas Hill Country (45 minutes from Austin Airport), a retreat facility of your choice, or your home.


Thank you so much for a lovely stay and (drum roll, please) my new beginning! The start of the quest to find the magic that will make my soul soar. Together we made significant strides, and I had many Aha moments. I look forward to one day not being so tired and feeling like I’m in the midst of a shit storm. I also look forward to a life that holds peace and joy. Thank you again for this beautiful space, your amazing self, and the safety for exploration.“

Marni Smith

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It's a rough time.
Connect with others who are also going
a challenging transition.

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I know how challenging it is to navigate a transition. I have been there many times and witnessed others' suffering. Here is good news: there IS a way to survive and thrive in a challenging transition. You can even become the person you want to be by making your transition into a transformational opportunity. 

I'm here to support you throughout your journey.

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