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Find a New Path 

Transition after Divorce

The pain of divorce is complicated and overwhelming.


In addition to mourning for the loss of the partnership, family, and hopes for the future, regret about your behavior and action, the shame of failure, self-blame, and other intense emotions attack your self-worth and confidence.


My 4-phase program will guide you through your transition step by step. 

How We Work Together

You will learn how to build an effective support network, ride the emotional roller coaster, improve your holistic health, and cope with uncertainty. You need to bring more calm and balance to your life before finding your new path.


This is the survival phase of your transition. We may spend four sessions or more on the survival strategy, depending on how you are coping with challenges.

Look Back at Your Path

We will look into your marriage and identify your contribution to the relationship and lessons for the future. Acknowledging and accepting what you have brought to the relationship is key to closing the chapter of your life and moving forward. You will cultivate self-compassion and create a strong support network before digging deep into your marriage. A hands-on activity will help you say goodbye to your marriage journey.

We will examine your current financial standing, money mindset, and role in handling finances in the marriage. To rebuild your finances, you need to work internally (by cultivating a positive money mindset and aligning with the energy of abundance) and externally (by budgeting, increasing your income, and trimming your expenses).

I will also help you create a new lifestyle and explore the shift in your identity.

You will discover emerging new self and direction through self-observation, deep inquiry, journaling, visioning, and goal setting. You will identify the first few steps toward achieving your vision and start moving forward.


You will decide whether you continue to work with me (discounted single session fee available for existing clients) or move forward on your own.  

Find a New Path

Rebuild Your Life

Cope with Grief

  • Minimum of 4 sessions at $380. I will customize the course for you to meet your needs and goals.

  • We will meet every week or other week, depending on your needs and availability.

  • You will complete homework (Exploration at Home) between the sessions.

  • Payment is due at the time of scheduling the first session

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: If you decide to discontinue my course, I will refund you for the remaining sessions. 

Not sure if we are a good match?

Book a 30-minute complimentary Zoom call to ask questions, share any concerns, see if we can build rapport, or customize the course. 

I know the pain of ending a marriage and fear and anxiety for the next chapter of life. When the long path you have taken together with your partner comes to a dead end, finding a new path in the woods is overwhelming and exhausting.  


I can help you follow your inner compass to walk out of the woods and bask in the sunshine.

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