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7 Day Challenge

Fresh Start to Mindful and Healthy Living

February 7 - 27, 2022

Do you want to -


reset your natural rhythm?

Improve your health?

Feel grateful and peaceful? 


If your answers are yes,

here is your 7-day challenge!

This email-based holistic self-improvement program will put you in the driving seat. You will set your daily goals during the challenge week in the diet, exercise, rest, and mindful practice areas. You will take time for reflection every night and plan for your post-challenge week in the end. Without scheduled meetings, you can easily incorporate this program into your life. 

Areas of Challenge

  • Diet: How do you want to improve your diet? Add or eliminate certain foods, change cooking methods, eat more or less, change mealtimes - make at least one change in your diet or mealtime that helps you feel more energetic and balanced.

  • Exercise: Our bodies were made to move. Our ancestors walked 6 miles a day. Incorporating physical exercise into daily life is a necessity for our well-being. Set a goal of moving your body every day during your challenge week. It doesn't have to be a 45-minute aerobics session. 10-minute stretch, 15-minute walk, 20-minute yard work - any physical activity counts!

  • Rest: Our culture values activity over rest. We could easily get caught in a frantic go-go mode. Not pausing or resting can lead to overexertion, exhaustion, and sleep disorders. As your body benefits from rest, your mind needs a break from external stimulus, communication, and mental dialogue. Think about at least one way of resting your body and mind during the day. Sit quietly for 5 minutes after lunch (put your phone down!), Lie down for 10 minutes in the early afternoon, nap for 15 minutes in the late afternoon - experience how rest restores your energy and refreshes your mind.

  • Mindful Practice: Our quality of life is enhanced by holistic wellness. Feeling calm, grateful, and loving is as important as improving your physical health. By bringing awareness to present-moment experience, we become more grounded, relaxed, receptive to challenges, and forgiving. Set a daily goal for your mindful practice: Seated meditation is not the only way to practice mindfulness. Mindful dish-washing, mindful walk - you can combine mindful practice with any of your daily activities, even waiting in line for a cashier at a supermarket! Please reach out to me if you have any questions about mindful practices.


Your Focus

  • Restore your natural rhythm

  • Healthy eating

  • Daily exercise 

  • Rest and relaxation

  • Cultivation of gratitude and mindfulness

  • Exploration and reflection

  • Action plan for your post-challenge week

Sounds a lot? No worries! You can decide how many goals you set. Making just one small change in each area will lead to a more mindful and healthy life - guaranteed!


Program Overview


Registration is required by Thursday before your challenge week. Since each challenge week runs from Monday to Sunday, registration deadlines are February 3rd (for February 7th-13th), 10th (for the 14th - 20th), and 17th (for the 21st - 27th). Clicking the Take the Challenge button below will take you to the payment page. You can choose the amount you pay ($20 minimum). Once making a payment, you will receive a program overview and handouts. 


Set your goals

Using the My Daily Goals Worksheet, you will set your daily goals during the challenge week in the diet, exercise, rest, and mindful practice areas. Send your worksheet to Sari if you want her to be your witness. Having a witness is effective for keeping yourself accountable. You will receive Sari's individually-tailored message within a day of submission.


During the challenge week


You will receive an email with an inspirational message, tips for mindful and healthy living, and words of encouragement every morning. I suggest you minimize your computer and phone use to realign yourself with the rhythm of nature. You will take the time for midday self-check and evening reflection (printable journal pages with prompts provided).



You will review the week and reflect on what you learned about yourself. The Reflection Worksheet will be delivered to your inbox on Saturday morning. Send your worksheet to Sari if you took her as your witness. She will respond to you by Sunday early morning.



You will identify the areas for improvement and plan action steps for your post-challenge week. The Action Plan Worksheet will be delivered to your inbox on Sunday morning. Send your worksheet to Sari if you took her as your witness. She will respond to you by Monday.

What is Included

  • Program Overview (pdf)

  • My Daily Goals Worksheet (you will fill it out before you begin your challenge week)

  • Daily Guidelines (pdf)

  • Inspirational messages with daily themes delivered to your inbox every morning.

  • Monday - Attune to nature

  • Tuesday - Nourish your body

  • Wednesday - Cultivate mindfulness

  • Thursday - Let your body move

  • Friday - Rest and relax

  • Saturday - Reflection on the challenge week 

  • Sunday -  Action plan for your post-challenge week

  • Daily Reflections: printable journal pages with prompts (pdf)

  • Reflection Worksheet (you will fill it out on Saturday)

  • Action Plan Worksheet (you will fill out on Sunday)

  • Communication with Sari throughout the program.

Cancellation Policy

  • There are no refunds because participants receive handouts at the time of payment.

Any questions?

Ready to sign up?

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