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to help  you move through transition

Find Peace in Uncertainty 

Every transition is different, but all come with uncertainty. Here are my 4 tips for living with more calm and power during uncertain times. 

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Ride the Wave of Emotions 

Are you on an emotional roller coaster? Here is a highly effective tool you can use when a strong emotion attacks you. 

5 Stages of Transformation 

Passing of a loved one, end of a significant relationship, letting go of a hard-earned career. Situations are different, but they all bring out the pain of losing a big part of self and the challenge of creating a new life. Learn from a lotus how to gracefully move through a transition cycle. 


Reading List

These books will help you understand your transition and navigate it with more calm and clarity.

Life Transition Quotes

Receive inspirational words of wisdom and encouragement.


Helpful Online Resources

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Elizabeth Gilbert 
on Grieving

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Sally Maitlis
on Job Loss

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Pema Chodron
​on Dealing with
Difficult Times 

Nora McInerny
​on Grieving