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New Life After Loss 

Transition after Losing a Loved One

Your world crumbled under your feet when you lost your loved one.


Joy and peace were gone from your life. Grief catches you without warning and evokes intense feelings, such as despair, anger, regret, loneliness, and blame. Nothing is the same anymore, and you are now a different person. You need to re-learn how to live in the new world and find meaning in life. 


My 4-phase course will guide you through your transition step by step. 

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How We Work Together

Cope with Grief

You will learn how to build an effective support network, ride the emotional roller coaster, improve your holistic health, and cope with uncertainty. You need to bring more calm and balance to your life before rebuilding it.


This is the survival phase of your transition. We may spend four sessions or more on the survival strategy, depending on how you are coping with challenges.

Mourning gives expression to your grief. You will mourn actively to promote healing. Rituals and hands-on activities such as letter-writing, memorial project, and mindful arts will help you get in touch with your grief and express your feelings. 


The passing of your loved one caused secondary losses such as the loss of your identity, relationships, hopes for the future, and life purpose. Mourning for your secondary losses will further help your healing.

Through deep inquiry, journaling, mindful practice, and active mourning, you will cultivate clarity and find new meaning in your life. It is the pivotal point in your transition. You are now ready to build a new fulfilling life.


With my support and guidance, you will create a vision for your new life and set a direction towards it. 

You will plan for the first few steps towards achieving your vision. Your action will create momentum to advance through your transition cycle.


After your first few steps, we will reassess your journey and determine whether you change direction or stay on the course and travel further.

You will decide whether you continue to work with me (discounted single session fee available for existing clients) or move forward on your own.  

Give Birth to New You

Find Purpose

Mourn Your Losses

  • Minimum of 4 sessions at $380. I will customize the course for you to meet your needs and goals.

  • We will meet every week or other week, depending on your needs and availability.

  • You will complete homework (Exploration at Home) between the sessions.

  • Payment is due at the time of scheduling the first session.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: If you decide to discontinue the course, I will refund you for the remaining sessions.

Not sure if we are a good match?

Book a 30-minute complimentary Zoom call to ask questions, share any concerns, see if we can build rapport, or customize the course. 

I know the unbearable pain of losing a loved one. When I lost my husband of twenty years, I had an acute sense that I also died. I could not relate to the world without my husband. My sorrow was endless, and I took one day at a time to survive the tsunami of grief. In the process of dying and birthing a new self, I vowed to help fellow widows and widowers once I arrived in a place of peace and joy. 

And here I am. Let's work together to transcend your loss and bloom into the sunlight.

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