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Set & Manifest 
Your Intention

Private Guidance Program

January 1 - 31, 2022

Set Your Intention for the New Year

Achieve Milestones Along Your Way

Listen to your heart's desire in the first month of the new year.


What does it want? What is emerging within you?

I will help you set new year's intention and begin the process of manifestation.  

90-Minute Private Guidance Session

(January 1-31)


  • Life Review: Explore different areas of your life and access your satisfaction level in each area. Identify your top values.

  • New Year's Intention Setting: Based on your life review and deep inquiry, set an intention for the new year.

  • Manifest Your Intention: Create the first few steps for manifesting your intention. Explore the ways to keep your intention alive through the ups and downs of life. 


Why set an intention before a goal?

Your intention is a reflection of your principles and values. It is about who you want to become more than what you want to acquire. I invite you to set an intention first and later create specific and measurable goals that will help you realize your intention.


Some of your goals will be under your control: whether starting a new discipline or creating a new project, you will be solely responsible for achieving them. External factors (e.g., people, economy, trend) will affect your other goals. You can reach them only when external elements align with your vision. Since you (and no one in the world) don't have total control over matters outside yourself, some of your goals could stall due to the force beyond your power. However, your intention can survive because it is all about how you want to live your life regardless of external factors. Keep your intention vital whatever happens to your goals. 

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