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Instead of adopting the escape strategy (staying busy, emotional eating, drinking, shopping, dating, etc.) to cope with the challenges of transition, you can gracefully deal with them like a lotus. It germinates in the heavy mud, grows in the moving water, and emerges from it as a majestic flower. In the same way, you can begin your transformation in the time of emotional struggle, grow through the uncertain time, and flourish into the person you want to be!

Here is the Lotus Transition Cycle you will naturally follow if you don’t take the escape strategy:

Dying Flower

As a once-magnificent lotus flower eventually sheds its petals, the life you knew has gone. Joy and happiness that were once yours have left you. A big part of yourself has died. The loss of your old life evokes deep sadness and fear for the unknown. 

Falling and Drifting

Once the lotus lets go of its petals, seeds fall into the water and drift with the current. In the same way, you feel like floating with uncertainty and confusion. Your old self has gone, but there is no sign of a new one. You are constantly drawn to nostalgia and anxiety about the future.

Sinking into the Mud

A lotus seed lands in the mud and patiently waits for germination. You feel like sinking into heavy emotions such as sadness, loneliness, frustration, regret, and unhappiness. Many people take the escape strategy to avoid painful feelings. But self-transformation will occur only to those who patiently stay in the mud of heavy emotions and gain new realizations from that experience. 

Image by Al Soot


After a period of dormancy, the lotus seed cracks open, and a sprout appears. In this stage, you feel an internal shift and a pleasant sense of a new beginning. You now see possibilities and start having discoveries. You glimpse a lay of light in the darkness.

Growing in the Water

The sprout becomes a stalk and grows in the murky water. The current pushes it around, but it stands tall and strong. Here, you face uncertainty again. This time, it attacks your confidence in the new path or direction you have chosen. Bright possibilities and opportunities are around you as the sun shines through the water and nourishes the lotus stalk. But you will hardly notice the blessings if you are caught in self-doubt and anxiety about the uncertain future. Birth of a new you will not happen overnight. The time of exploration, defeat, confusion, reflection, and growth is necessary for you to bloom. 


Finally, the lotus emerges out of the water. It spreads leaves above the surface, and a tight bud opens to full bloom. You are flowering into a new beginning too. It might be something tangible (a new career, relationship, home, place to live, lifestyle, etc.) or acquired qualities (more loving, compassionate, fulfilling, appreciative, etc.). It is the time to celebrate the new chapter of your life. Let your heart dance with joy!

Nothing in nature follows a straight line. Going up, down, and zigzagging is the natural pattern of transformation. Challenges such as grieving for your old life, anxiety about the unknown future, and heavy emotions can present in each phase of your transition cycle. You may experience some of them even after blooming into the new chapter of your life. When you feel like regressing, you are actually becoming stronger,  wiser, and more whole: you will ascend in a spiral path. 


Trust nature's way. Believe in your innate resilience and wisdom. True joy and peace await you in your journey.

Learn more about the lotus transformation cycle and how to cope with

the challenges of each stage in this free booklet.


Lotus Transition Guidance Method©

Like a lotus, you can grow in the mud of heavy emotions, rise above the water of uncertainty, and bloom into the light of a new beginning.

Here is your opportunity to survive the most challenging phase of transition, thrive through the difficult time, and transform yourself into the person you want to be.


Survive Transition


Your first goal is to survive your transition without somatizing your emotional stress. Stay calm and healthy and live your life with as little disturbance as possible in an uncertain time.  


Thrive in a Challenging Time


Your next goal is to thrive with changes. You will grow wiser and stronger by focusing on your inner transition and accessing your current life in a panoramic view. 


Transform Yourself


Your last goal is to shift from transition to transformation. Create a vision for your future and take steps toward it. Give birth to your new self in the process.

Sari's Lotus Transition Guidance Method© is the backbone of all her programs.

Lotus Guidance Method Diagram (FINAL).png
1. Build a Safety Net

2. Connect with Emotions

3. Improve Holistic Health
4. Cope with Uncertainty
5. Understand Inner Transition
6. Assess Your Current Life
7. Vision & Action

8. Birthing a New You

Transform yourself like a lotus

Sari's guidance service is for you if you are - 

       Having a hard time dealing with life changes and managing your emotions.

       Feeling lost or stuck in your transition process.

       Eager to learn a coping strategy during the transition.

       Open to the possibility of transforming yourself and creating a new life that reflects   

       your shifting values and qualities.

By working with Sari, you will -

Gain more clarity during the confusing state of your transition.


Acquire skills to manage your emotions and balance your holistic health.

Regain calm and know how to maintain it.


Build an effective support network that will assist you throughout your transition.

Understand that a transition has inner and outer dimensions and the inner transition will transform your life.


Learn about the five stages of transformation, recognize where you are in your

transformation process, and receive management tips in each stage.

Create a new vision for your life and begin .

Learn how to manifest your vision while dealing with the ups and downs of life.

The work Sari does is amazing. It has helped me immensely in my life transition process. Her ability to not only understand and empathize with my personal experience but to also offer extensive guidance and wisdom has already done wonders for me. Learning from her various approaches to difficult life circumstances has served me well in a time of great need. 

She is knowledgeable, well-trained with her work, and easy to open up to, allowing me to share my deepest and most concerning fears and struggles as I sort through the difficulties I’m currently facing.


I can say with all honesty that I don't think I could have made it this far in my transition without Sari. Connecting with her has been such a blessing for which I remain grateful for every day. Words alone can’t express how much of a blessing it is to have people like her in the world who do real good for those going though difficult times." 

Matt G

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sari for her kindness, understanding, and flexibility in working with me. Embarking on the journey of discovery with Sari helped me restore some of the much-needed clarity in the pursuit of my life’s calling. She has clearly achieved a strong command on topics related to life guidance. From the first time I met her until the last session of guidance, I felt absolutely welcomed, accepted, understood, and encouraged. Warren Buffet once said that the best investment one can make is that in oneself and I feel that working with Sari is nothing short of that.”

Gasper Sopi

Thank you for creating a nonjudgmental safe place and giving me hope. I will get through this and find a gift."

Donna Carey

Any questions?

What is the difference between your guidance service, therapy, and life coaching?


Psychotherapy is the therapist-led past-focused treatment for emotional healing. A therapist helps a client discover the root cause of her emotional pain, problematic behavior pattern, values, worldview, or any psychological or behavioral issues by untangling her past. A life coach focuses on the present and assists a client in moving forward to create a more fulfilling and balanced life. The main body of life coaching work consists of a self-directed assessment of the current life, visioning, goal setting, action planning, and accountability. Unlike the therapist and client relationship, a coach facilitates a client’s self-directed learning.


I have studied life coaching and hold the certification of the Certified Professional Coach. Although I passionately support self-directed learning and client empowerment, my experience working with people struggling with life transition taught me that they needed much more than coaching. Their first need is to survive their emotionally charged transition. They want to feel better and deal with uncertainty with more ease. Only after they attain emotional stability and a better understanding of their transition, they have the capacity to assess their current life, vision for the future, and take action toward achieving their goals. I created the Lotus Transition Guidance method to help my clients survive their transition, thrive in the challenging time, and transform themselves so they can create a balanced, peaceful, fulfilling, and vibrant life. My guidance service is enhanced life coaching.

Many of my clients have worked with a therapist, often for many years. Although therapy helped them examine their past and identify the fundamental cause of their emotional disturbance, they were frustrated about still feeling stuck after spending significant time and money on therapy. Some of my clients left their therapists once they started my guidance course while some others chose to work with both their therapist and me. I suggest you see a therapist if you are experiencing severe grief, deep sadness, despair, intense anxiety, or any other heavy emotions because therapists are trained to diagnose and treat those mental states. 

Do you guarantee a satisfactory result?

YES, I do! I know my guidance will help you because of my experience working with my clients and coping with my own transitions. If you decide to discontinue my guidance course, I will issue a refund for the remaining sessions. I offer you this guarantee because I’m confident that you will be satisfied with my course. 

Do I have to commit to a multiple-session course? Can I just take one session?

You will leap the maximum benefit by taking a course. However, I offer a one-time 90-minute Clarity Session on a pay-what-you-wish basis for those who just need a transition strategy or survival tips. Please contact me if you would like to book a clarity call.

It's a lot of money for me.

I hear you! It must be a bit scary to make a financial commitment when you are dealing with a lot of uncertainty.


Let's pause for a moment and think how much happiness and peace are worth. It's priceless, isn't it? The most important thing for you, I think, is to bring calm, balance, and joy back into your life first. Investing in yourself will bring you life-changing returns.  


Did a transition leave you in a difficult financial situation? I don't want to see you giving up my guidance service because of your financial challenge. Please ask me about sliding scale fees. We can also discuss payment options. 

My Invitation to You

When I faced a very rough transition in my 20s, I had no one who could guide me through the unknown territory of confusion, self-doubt, and fear. After having gone through the survive-thrive-transform process later in my life, I vowed to help others struggling with life changes so they would not get lost as I had.

I'm here for you when you are ready to take

your transition journey with me. 

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