Drifting with the Current

Updated: Aug 4

Here I am again, floating in the water of uncertainty. The life I knew had already ended. But I don't know yet what the future will bring to me. My friend asked me if I was excited about the new chapter of my life. Excitement is not a good word to expresses my inner state. I'm feeling stillness in the water between ending and beginning. This state of uncertainty used to scare me. But I learned to stay here with grace and faith.

This is the time for slowing down and learning from whatever comes my way rather than staying busy with planning and action. While walking through the wood, I feel the solid ground under my feet and the gentle breeze caressing my skin. I listen to the different tones of bird songs and smell the wild grass. Nature shows me everything that I need to know right now.

One day, I looked up at a massive cedar tree in our yard. It was hovering over a young oak that had already lost a few branches due to the blocked sunlight. I told my partner about the suffering oak. “I will cut back the cedar soon,” he said. “Otherwise, the oak won’t survive.”

I see in the towering cedar tree the chapter of my life which I just left behind. It was a

significant experience full of learning, realization, and reward, but it has run its course. It is time to cut it down so that a new ME can thrive in full light.

Who is this new person and where is she heading?

I will find answers in the next few months.

“As you allow yourself time and spaciousness, the next step will slowly reveal itself. You don’t have to work for it as much as be receptive. A hint, a new idea, a dream or particular image will surface." —Elliott S. Dacher