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Are you feeling lost or stuck?

Use goal-setting to get your mojo back and start anew!


In this workshop, participants will first explore what could bring them more joy, excitement, confidence, or a sense of achievement. The exercise will lead them to set small goals that will create momentum for moving forward. The intimate, supportive group environment will help them relax and open up to potential. 


Please email me to register by August 21. You will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link. Registration will close once the event reaches its capacity.


Participants will turn on their cameras to visually connect with fellow attendees.

I have used goal-setting whenever I found myself between a closed and new life chapters in my life. I know big goals set during the in-between time will inevitably change because of much uncertainty in the phase. But I still set goals because it gets me to participate in life instead of letting it passing by me. Goal-setting also helps me discover what I want or need at the time of my life. It is okay to change a destination as long as we are moving forward!

— Sari

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